How to Upgrade Your Apartment with Easy Ikea Hacks

Ikea is a shopping wonderland and you can upgrade your apartment with some easy ikea hacks. 1. Small shelves can easily become an affordable desk. You can create the perfect, adult home office on your new, shoe string budget with your old, small IKEA bookshelves. 2. Add vintage charm to your RAST dresser. Your plain, Rast dresser from […]

New Apartment 101: How to Furnish and Clean Up Your New Home

Congratulations! You’ve found an apartment you really love and you decided it’s your new home. Step one, complete. Now, comes some of the tough stuff — cleaning the apartment, moving in, finding things to fill the spaces in your apartment, etc. etc. But don’t fret, as a fellow first time mover in to an apartment, […]