10 Important Things You Learn From Moving to Arizona

Let’s talk about moving to a new city — specifically, to Arizona. If you’re wondering…Yes, the heat is just as bad as it sounds, but it’s basically always sunny. You’ll find out pretty quickly what a Haboob is, your friends and family will be quick to visit you during the winter months and you might […]

Culver’s Vs. In-And-Out

By now, all of you are well aware that I’m from the east coast. This means that we have amazing cheese steaks that can’t be replicated, but we don’t have some of the staples from the west coast, i.e. In-and-Out and Culver’s. Instead, we have Shake Shack. Which is delicious. But being here for the […]

A Field Trip to the Grand Canyon

Recently, I took a field trip to the Grand Canyon, sharing the backseat with one of the best dogs I’ve ever met. The trip was kind of spur of the moment and we ended up just going with the flow—stopping at Bearzona along the way. But I’ll probably never forget my trip just because of […]

The Down Low On Monsoons

What exactly is a monsoon? Is it what Justin Long stands in while yelling “You should know I’m standing in the middle of a monsoon right now!” during the movie Comet or is it a weird combination between dust and rain? Probably just a thunderstorm, right? Living on the East coast, I’m used to thunderstorms […]

Brunch It Up!

Being the girl I am, I have a love for all things brunch. I love breakfast, so much so that it’s embarrassing. I have said, out loud, “Oh my God, I think I spent over eighty dollars on brunch this weekend.” and was completely serious. So let me tell you, when I came to Arizona, […]