Small Space Designs: Making the Most out of Your Apartment Home

When you are planning for apartment living you probably get flustered thinking about the small space transition, right?! Never fear! We have some tips on how to make the most of your apartment home spaces. If you are living in Phoenix or have decided to check out apartments in Phoenix, keep these ideas in mind for making the most of small spaces! 

Over the years we have shared tons of small space living hacks. Today we’re rounding up some of the best ones to share with you all in one place. It doesn’t matter where your home is, you want it to be incredible, right?! 

These tips and tricks will help you with DIY projects, storage solutions, lighting elements, and design ideas that will make your small spaces pop and allow you to infuse your personal style into every aspect of your home without worrying about having too little space. 

The Best Small Space Hacks for Your Home Office

Let’s start with the home office. These tips are excellent because they’ll allow you to work from home in style. Many of us have been in this situation pretty recently so let’s dive in and get some ideas on how to make the most out of a small space for your home office. 

Your productivity levels will thank you once you’ve tried some of these ideas for making a great small space home office. 

Lighting Options for an Apartment Living Room

Lighting can make such a difference in any space. Use these tips for decorating and design ideas for lighting your space! 

Some of these ideas would work really well for bedrooms as well as living rooms and living spaces so you can adapt them to your needs and make the most out of all these ideas for small space lighting. 

Small Space Fitness Hacks

Do you like to workout from home? If you are trying to create or design a small space workout area you’ll want to check out these tips. These small space fitness hacks will help you create a great environment in which to exercise without ruining the whole vibe of your apartment. 

Another reason to enjoy these hacks is so that you can make some of your spaces at home into multifunctional areas without sacrificing on aesthetics! 

Apartment Bathroom DIY Projects | Storage In Bathrooms 

Did you know that there are TONS of great DIY projects out there to make the most of your small spaces including the bathrooms?! If you need some design and DIY inspiration for your apartment bathroom you will want to check out this collection of projects. 

Storage is never something you can have too much of and these projects will help you increase your storage areas, stay organized, and keep up with trendy design elements. 

Apartment Decorating Tips

Decorating in an apartment is different from decorating in a whole home setting. There are more small spaces you have to deal with and you have to come up with solutions for things like dining areas and storage without sacrificing your design vibes. 

Check out this post on how to decorate your apartment and small space without feeling like you are missing out! 

Phoenix Apartments | Pet Friendly Apartments: 

The Place at Santana Village and The Place at Sonoran Trails are two of our amazing options for Phoenix living. These Phoenix apartment choices are packed with amenities, upgrades, and features that you won’t find anywhere else. 

If you have pets, our Phoenix locations are always a great choice for a pet friendly apartment. We never have any breed or sizing restrictions for pets. 

That means you can bring your pets, large and small, without fear of losing out on an amazing housing choice.

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Phoenix living is unlike anything else. There is something fun for everyone to love about living here. If you are searching for some inspiration to get out there and see everything that Phoenix has to offer, these posts will help with that! 

There’s nothing better than learning something new about this amazing place we get to call ‘home’. If you want to get outdoors, find a great place to staycation, or just want to see what is coming up in the spring and summer months here in Phoenix, check out some of these past posts for more info! 

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